Robert DODD

Dr. Robert H. Dodd is 1st Class CNRS Research Director and group leader of the SMART (Synthesis and Methodology Applied to Research in Therapeutics) team at the ICSN (Institute of Natural Products Chemistry) in Gif-sur-Yvette, France. He joined the Sino-French Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry as Adjunct Professor in late 2016.

Dr. Dodd develops new synthetic methodology (metal-catalyzed aziridination, C-H amination, multiple one-pot Suzuki couplings, hypervalent iodine-promoted reactions…) which he applies to the synthesis of natural products (enduracidine, tetrahydrolathyrin…) and to the discovery of new bioactive compounds (enzyme inhibitors, G-protein coupled receptor ligands, anti-tumor agents, CNS agents…). At TUST, he will be collaborating with Professor Peng Yu and Dr. Hua Sun on the development of new antitumor molecules.

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