Call for Abstracts & Posters

The organizers of the conference invite abstracts within the scope of the meeting. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by experts and be scheduled for oral or poster presentation during the congress if the topic is relevant and the quality of the data justifies its scheduling. Irrelevant or poor-quality abstracts may be rejected. Abstracts can be submitted to Abstracts need to written in English, taking into account the specifications below.

Please download the registration form and the template for reports or posters: Registration and template.

Maximal word counts for abstract title: 20 words,

Maximal word counts for abstract text: 350 words (adjust in case of tables/figures),

Minimal word counts for abstract keyword: 3 words.

There will be an exhibition of posters at the conference. You will be notified if your abstract has been accepted for poster presentation. All accepted posters will be presented at Poster Viewing Session during the conference. Posters will be judged during the conference. You are invited to submit a poster abstract on the following themes of the conference for presentation in poster format. Submitted posters should be based upon original / ongoing research. The regular poster size is 90 cm (wide) × 120 cm (high).

Abstracts and posters should be submitted electronically, by June16, 2018, to